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Wall Street Journal

“A Skeptic’s Guide to Wine in Cans”

Canned wine is trending, touted as the perfect pairing for beach, ballpark and beyond. But can a can really rival the pleasure of uncorking? To find out, our wine expert committed to a week of pop-top pours



“The Best Canned Wines to Drink This Summer”

Ice-cold beer isn’t the only thing filling coolers this summer—canned wine is on the rise. With a flood of new products hitting liquor stores and wine shops this year, taking your favorite pinot grigio or sauvignon blanc to the beach has never been easier

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Food & Wine

“The 9 Best Canned Wines”

Just in time for picnic season, canned wine is suddenly all the rage. Ray Isle pops some tops to find the very best canned wine to buy this summer