Nomikai was born out of a long day with friends hiking through the desert. The thought came up, what if there was a wine that you could take with you and enjoy together in the fresh air? People who like real wine made by real winemakers don’t want to lower their standards when they are out at the park with friends or hitting the beach. So we set out to create canned wines and cocktails that we would be proud to show up to a party with. And when the moment for celebration presents itself, we can cheers together with friends and coworkers to get the party started right.

We paired up with Ryan and Megan Glaab of Ryme Cellars for  California Rosé Fizzy. This husband and wife team have built a great reputation on exploring the untapped secrets of California’s vineyards. Sourcing a variety of fruit from California, the Nomikai team worked with the Glaabs to make a bubbly rosé that is refreshingly dry and true to our principles. The runaway success of the rosé led to the California Red with a zesty style that is fantastic chilled so you can enjoy it by the pool just as much as you could by a wintry campfire. We then paired up with our favorite New York distillery, Warwick Gin, to launch our first cocktail. As an homage, the Nomikai New York Gin + Tonic draws inspiration from the elevated G & T’s of Spain’s bars and restaurants. That means we had to find a great tonic to match our gin and paired it up with the handmade bitter-lime tonic from Volsted Act.                                                           

Nomikai will always hold ourselves and our creative partners to make great wines and cocktails that are portable, smashable and ready to go anywhere. Our artfully designed aluminum cans are 99.99% recyclable, and the plastic used for the tops is made from 98% post-consumer waste. For easy carrying, crush your empty cans and pop them back into the blue top until you get to the recycling bin. Four of the 187ml amount to a full 750ml bottle but weigh 72 grams versus 570 grams for a traditional glass bottle. That means reducing the overall carbon footprint. Enjoy responsibly!